TDKC selected for award by International Trucks

TDKC selected for SAIC SSC project.

TDKC opens new corporate office in Fairborn, Ohio.

General (reserve) Norm Anderson joins TDKC.

TDKC awarded over $950,000 in AFRL R&D contracts.

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About Our Company

  The Design Knowledge Company (TDKC) is located in Dayton, Ohio, home of the Wright brothers, Charles Kettering, and John Patterson. We believe that the continuation of this heritage of invention is critical to the viability of the economy and the security of our nation. At TDKC our mission is to provide distinctively innovative solutions in the service of the country.

  Since 2001 TDKC has been delivering decision support systems and tools that turn our customers' information into knowledge or actionable intelligence.  Our products range from mobile air traffic control solutions to web-based frameworks for satellite telemetry data mining. We specialize in leading-edge research and technology development in three key areas:

  • Military Command and Control (C4ISR)
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Warfighter Information Systems
  Our current STEED© product offers a next-generation software framework and visualization capability for satellite telemetry data.  STEED enables the rapid deployment of customized data fusion, mining and visualization applications.  STEED is currently being used to support Air Force warfighter applications in the defensive counterspace domain.  Similarly, our MCATS©  product provides a mobile air traffic control (ATC) and situational awareness capability for special operation forces personnel.  MCATS provides real-time situational information to the battlefield and enabled agent-based decision support and data fusion capability. Examples of our other research and development include:
  • Semantic-based, automated metadata generation for ISR systems
  • Specialized argumentation constructs for decision support
  • Thin-client, web-based collaboration tools
  • Knowledge acquisition and management tools for decision support
  Our applied research, technology assessment, software development and technology transfer services ensure the successful deployment of innovative solutions for our clients.

At TDKC, we provide Innovation By Design©